Smart Contract Auditing Services

Fortify your protocol and launch with confidence using our industry-leading skills and expertise. Our auditors will comb your code for vulnerabilities, and work with you to strengthen it against malicious attacks.

From L1 infrastructure to L2 applications, DeFi to GameFi, our team has secured the full spectrum of Web3 applications - and has an exceptional track record to show for it.

Smart Contract Audit Consulting

No matter where you are in the development cycle, Sec3 can secure your protocol.

We’ll work with you to secure your code as you build it, or audit it in its entirety once you’ve completed an MVP. And if you ship further improvements after release, we’ll stay with you to ensure your protocol evolves safely.

Your road map comes first: We work around your schedule, and keep you updated as we secure your code.

Smart Contract Audit Tools

combine three services in one, designed for leading protocols

Incremental Manual Audit
  • Security embedded in the foundation of your protocol's development process at the root level
  • Save time and cost by auditing gradually rather than all at once
  • Dedicated auditors will become familiar with your code, making future additions and changes faster
  • Auditing the entire codebase over time rather than just the planned launch code ensures nothing slips through the net
Formal Verification
  • Tailor verification to your project's specific needs by defining precise instruction and account invariants
  • Craft custom constraint specifications and implementing detailed project-specific constraints for verification
  • Utilize advanced formal verification methods to mathematically prove the correctness of your Smart Contracts
X-Ray  & WatchTower
  • Automated scanning for vulnerabilities using bespoke software
  • Check your code for existing vulnerabilities instantly
  • Get immediate alerts when new threats emerge
  • Can be integrated with Github UI for development ease
On-call Audit
  • On-demand ad-hoc audits delivered by a dedicated, top-notch team focused exclusively on your code
  • Fast-track service: Access the full extent of Sec3’s auditing capacity and expertise to ensure your project stays on-track
  • Industry leading auditors battle-test your code using a wide variety of strategies to ensure industrial-grade security is achieved


Kento Inami
Founder, UXD Protocol

We had a great experience working with the Sec3 team! The team works hard and executes 120% to deliver results. They are available and provide very valuable insight backed by clear proof and explanations. UXD could not be happier to work with Sec3, so much that we started a continuous collaboration to have them audit our code in the future.

Felix Li
CPO, CornerMarket

We recently had the pleasure of working with Sec3, and it was an exceptional experience. What truly sets Sec3 apart is their commitment to clear and transparent communication. Moreover, Sec3's recommendations for mitigating risks were practical and tailored to our specific needs. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a security audit for their web3 project.

Michel Triana
Founder, Mean DAO

Working with Sec3 has been amazing. Super responsive and top shelf security team. Besides auditing Mean DAO smart contracts and helping us with our security controls, we leverage their automatic code vulnerability scanner on a daily basis. An all-around great company and team to have by your side!

Past Audit Reports

Learn about our track record of projects

Smart Contract Audit Pricing

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