Automatic Audit Software & Full Security Audit

Security is front and center for Web3. Sec3TM provides tools and security audits to secure your Solana projects.

A team of world-class security researchers has joined Sec3 audit team. The team frequently organizes and participates in CTF competitions. Their CTF team is ranked among the top 10 on CTFtime, and advanced to the DEFCON finals continuously.

Many protocols use swap between a pair of tokens or mint/redeem. Please pay attention to using the same rounding in both directions, which can be vulnerable to attacks

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Automatic Auditor Software

Scans for 40+ security vulnerabilities and gets more powerful with each additional scan

Security Audit Service

Comprehensive and deep code review to prepare the launch of your Solana programs.

Auto AUditor Software

Scan Security Vulnerbilities

Detect and fix security risk as it emerges, continue to evolve and become more powerful

Easy-to-use scanner specifically designed for smart contracts
Comprehensive and expanding coverage
Detailed and actionable report

Security Audit  Service

Sec3 Full Security Audit

Deep and Comprehensive Security Review

Seasoned Security Experts

A team of experienced Solana security professionals

Sophisticated Penetration Test

Advanced penetration testing for all major findings

Deep and Comprehensive

Sufficient time and effort spent to go deep and be comprehensive


Regular security review and consulting available

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