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Sec3 is a security and research firm providing bespoke audits and cutting edge security software to Web3 projects.

Combining leading academic expertise, industrial Web2 cybersecurity experience, and CTF-winning skill, Sec3 empowers protocols to scale securely.
sec3 releases the 1st Web3 native Large Language Model - OwLLM, see our blog
Just released: The world's first Open source Web3 native Large Language Model: OwLLM. Learn more here.
Trusted by Leading Protocols and Projects

Smart Contract Security Services

Why Sec3?
Work with the Best

When you work with Sec3, your protocol will be battle-tested by some of the sharpest white hats in Web3. From DeFi to GameFi, infrastructure to stablecoins, our auditing team has an exceptional record of securing protocols against malicious attacks.

Full Stack Security

Security in Web3 is not limited to smart-contract audits; a holistic approach is required to provide your users and clients with the defense they deserve.

Advanced Engineering

Sec3’s engineers are not only cybersecurity specialists - they also stand at the forefront of advanced fields such as machine learning and automatioOwLLM, the first ever Opensource Web3-native Large Language Model!

Keystone Partnerships

A secure Web3 world is only possible with strong foundations. By delivering exceptional security services, Sec3 forges long-term relationships with clients that are serious about protecting their users as they build.

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